• Well, just came back from a couple of days at Hidden Pond!  It was phenomenal.  However, your cookies are double-phenomenal.I am known to be a really good baker. And make great cookies.  And have tried many cookies.By FAR, yours are the best of all!!!! - Hidden Pond Guest

  • I sent an assortment for a holiday gift - and got rave reviews! I should have sent more - they got gobbled up fastI will order again for sure! - Susan Z.

  • If you’re looking for cookies that nail both taste and texture, Blue Lobster Bakery cookies are the ticket. They are sweet, but not too sweet, and soft like they just came out of the oven every single time. Eat one or ten, you won’t be disappointed. - Morgan F.

Press Feature: Shoutout Miami

"I’ve learned to manage moving targets in my career and owning a business is no different. My brand is built on my experience of taking care of others, my baked goods are an extension of that work."

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